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To the best of life ever~

The world of different colors

i am sakura_mokona,
I really like anime but i'm so addicted to Jpop songs.
And jpop artists, so much!
And j-dramas like My boss my hero, Hyoten, Gokusen 2, Gokusen , Hana yori dango, Hana yori dango returns!.

*Thanks to printedlayouts and syaosaku_fan, karibean for helping me make my LJ much better

About something
I'm kinda a NewS addict. as you can see. It doesn't take rtime for you to notice that. My favorte JE artists would be Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa although i really liked All JE artists.
My dream is to go to Japan. O course who doesn't want to go there, if you're a j-addict. I i'm already there, I'd be buying NewS Cds,Uchiwa's, Calendars and all. Before i go back home.
I'd also like to see in person the artists i adore,
My country
I live in the Philippibes, I'ts a bit hard to live here, a lot of hings to pay o. Also our country is in a deep "lot-to-pay-payment" Darn it!
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