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29 January 2011 @ 02:18 pm
(thanks to[info]audacioushoney  for the banner)

Dear Friends, People. My Journal is for Friends Semi friends :D
I won't bite if you added me back, if we do have the same interests don't be shy to click that "add" button ^^

I also upload songs, videos, OSTs if i have the time :) Feel free to check it out

Should i make an introduction of myself now? (Well, it's been about two entries and i can't seem to post this right T___T'")

Hi! I go by the online name sakura_mokona or sakumoko. Wanna know the history of it? (yes, there is a history from where did i get that username) i won't make it long to make you feel bored. at that time i was still a addict of anime and stuff, especially with the anime Tsubasa Chronicles, from there, i took the name of Sakura, and Mokona the lead protagonists to make my username, it was in the year 2004,i f i can remember correctly, and i was still in the 6th grade (Elementary) back then!  and i am a 2nd year college student right now.
(Wow! time flies really :D)
Oh Dear, did i forgot to say my name? I'm Kathleen, nice to meet you! I live in the Philippines. Currently i am a second year student. studying in a college (hihi, well, where should i be? :DD) I have started my fandom-ism since my elementary days, but at that time i was more focused on Japanese culture, anime, Jpop until i entered my college days, my fangirlism took over to the Korean Wave, of course i didn't forgot my Japanese love. And currently that's it. Just like any normal fangirl, i try to collect things, sing their songs, talk to foreigners to practice my Japanese and Korean.

If you know about Jpop, Anime, Anime Characters
If you are a fan of Johnny's Entertainment, NEWS,Arashi, Hey!Say Jump
If you know a bit and want to learn Japanese
If you like to eat Japanese cuisine
If you want to go badly to Japan
If you want to marry your favorite Jpop (bias) Idol

If you know about Kpop, Korean Culture,
If you are a fan of Super Junior (ELF)
If you are a fan of TVXQ (Cassie)
If you are a fan of SHINee (Shawol)
If you are a fan of CNBlue (Boice)
If you are trying to learn Hangul
If you are desperate to see you Idol
If you really want to go to their concert no matter what
and anything else.

Just like Me :D Feel Free to ADD me up :D

If you have free time to read this things that i will write down, feel free ^_^ We might have something in common! ^_^

My Biases in Super Junior              My Biases in TVXQ                    My Biases in SHINee              My Biases in CNBlue
♪ Cho Kyuhyun                                  ♪ Shim Changmin                      ♪Lee Taemin                           ♪Kang Minhyuk
♪ Kim Ryeowook                               ♪ Kim Jaejoong                          ♪Lee Jinki (Onew)                      ♪Lee Jonghyun
♪ Lee Donghae


Hope you had fun reading :D 

Till here :D 

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29 January 2011 @ 01:10 pm

Hey there fellow boices! Well, this is my 2nd post in here :D  For those boices who are waiting to watch this movie, i have found a torrent of the full length movie, however, it still doesn't have a english sub.

I found this link in a forum :) Also, it's in Torrent file, so in short, i can't still watch it, for those who know how to download in torrent,
let's help out ourselves and those other fellow boices who wants to watch this movie :D
I'll ask the help of cnbluestorm.com to sub this. ^^

Ah! before i forget, here's the link to the torrent movie :D


**Sign-up is required before you can download the torrent**

Comments are love <3

**Will be public up to 2 Days :)
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21 September 2009 @ 02:06 pm
Well.This video is forkatrinasacay and for [info]tegomass_ai
It's about when Tegoshi is the guest for Koyama's radio show and the two, tries to test their new manager on how he know NEWS well.



I found another one :D
^Oh. GOSH! They are playing the Kiss Scenes again :D

^ Gomen ne, the user disabled the embedding.

 *Thank you to Coco6co2@Youtube

Here's the translation I made for the second one

K: Yuya and I are walking home together from school.
T:Let's Hold Hands.
K: Ah! Oh. Okay
T: *chu*, Gomen I can't stop myself.
K: (he made another kiss)
T: *chu*, Yabai.. Looking at your Lips, I can't  stop
K: WOAHHH! Yabai!, I'm so shy...

XD, Gosh. Even I got sunked into it :D

^Still, KoyaShige. They are talking about food. Break fast. What the other members eat at morning,etc XD


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06 September 2009 @ 09:05 pm
Since, I'm owning a Nintendo DS, and i have a R4 that can play videos and songs aside from games. I've decided to make some videos that can be played through DS, although the file is now .dpg (that is the only file (video) that the DS can play on the moonshell.
And I know, some of you owns one. and might find it hard to change the file. So that's why I'm sharing mine.



[2004] NEWS wo ABAKE

[2007]Music Station Super Live

[PV] Happy Birthday


[PV]Taiyou no Namida


[PV]Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song

[PV] Hoshi Wo Mezashite

[PV] Koi No ABO

[CON-N.E.W.S] Kirameki no Kanata e

[CON-N.E.W.S]Snow Express

Check out the others here :3

Comments are <3

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03 September 2009 @ 09:54 pm
Minna! Although this is my first time posting in news_jpop in the whole time I'm using my LJ.

Anyway, Haven't you have this idea on what song is Yamapi and the others are singing in Tenkiyoho?

こち。。こち。。Collapse )
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25 August 2009 @ 09:28 pm
Yep, I've made an review about Miura's new drama. and hehe, danics12 I've copied your "Love his hacking skills" ehehehe XD

unusual for some Jdramas.

[Visit www.genshiken-lasalle.org for more of my reviews ^0^]
Jdrama: Bloody Monday
Ending Song: Over the rain~Hikari no Hashi

Review Written by: Sakumoko-chan

Edited by: Miharu-chan
It made me watch this drama because of the artist. Miura Haruma, from Koizora,Gokusen 3, Crows Zero II (movie)

This drama was based on an original manga by Ryumon Ryo.It was full of computers and hacking. Pretty
At the first episode of the drama, a video was shown, it was in Russia. There were people who were killed by a certain virus named “Bloody X” and now, there was a person, determined to destroy Japan, rought that same virus to Japan. There is a Special Unit in Japan namely the ‘Third-i’ who helps in catching the culprits with the help of Fujimaru Takagi, a high school student who was caught hacking into a government system. He was the checking the culprit’s whereabouts, trying to stop the terrorist’s plan. But it’s not easy as it seems. There were alot of his friends or protectors that were in the terrorist’s side.
There is one hurdle Takagi must face. How will he save Japan now?

I can say after finally finshing the whole drama. it was full of computers and hacking. You can really feel the love of his friends and how they help each other in protecting their country, pitifull on how he was the one stressed in on the work. I love those close ups on him, when he’s working in his hacking skills.

Thanks to miharu-neechan@genshiken
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10 August 2009 @ 08:08 pm

Thanks to bamy11 for the FO banner. Sankyuu

Hey there! ^00^ My Journal is for CONTACTS Only. You can add me, or sth. I usually open some entries to all, for some information you can inculcate into. Please comment on here, for queries and other stuff. Don't worry, I won't bite.

And I'll try my best to share stuff. My Adobe Photoshop left me once again TwT
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30 July 2009 @ 06:26 pm

Cosplay Seminar, 1st semester, SY09-10

JFH Building Room 311, DLSU-D The said seminar was said weeks ago. It was the first seminar for the first semester fo the year. It was timed to be 12:30-3:00 pm ,but due to the schedule fo the speakers, it was moved into the later tie. From 5:00 pm.

There were two speakers, a very professional talk. They were the ones who taught us some tips into Cosplaying, they gave us exmaples to make them seeth into our minds. For those who re planning to go into cosplay, or already into cosplay, I'll share the tips they taught us.

Buying Cloths.
Being a cosplayer, you know how making anime clothes are tough on the budget, lessening the use of your allowances and other ways you can think of.
There are ways that you can buy cloths on a cheaper price, and not lessening the product's durability. There is one of the places you can buy those cloths. Does divisoria crossed you mind? If so, then you are correct. This place can offer you the cheapest clothes you can ever find. Try to find the best cloths there. ^0^

Group Cosplays.
You should choose the character you want to portray, don't let other people, spill the character you are thinking of.Being a cosplayer, you should have passion for what you are doing.

even if your character is a tall person ,you should think of ways you can pass those hurdle. It doesn't mean that if the character is tall you should grow as well. Try to think of ideas that will make you, your character.

Choose the event.
Almost every anime con has cosplayers in it, right? Pick the best event you can go into. DO NOT go into conventions that will be a day after a stressful day. Pick the best date that you do not have any hard obligations to do.

Take your time, do not rush it.
How can you make a good costume if your stressing yourself by doing it in midnight? You'll not be able to get some proper sleep and you'll look terrible on the day of the con.Making costumes is pretty tough. mark the date of the con on the calendar a 2 months before the said date, in which case you can do the things you wanna do, in a no hassle job.

If you don't have the passion, DON'T DO IT.
How can you do cosplay if you don't love it? Some people only use this kind of thing to gain popularity, but cosplaying is an art of people who wants have fun, act as their favorite character. Doing it means you wanted to be a person of your own style.

Consider the cost, BE Practical.
This is also the case of some ,they wanted to do cosplay,but the hurdle they can't go over is the money. It's a fact that cosplaying is a very expensive art. There are alot of ways to reduce over using of money, like what i mentioned earlier, or if you had cosplayed you can resure it again. No one will notice if you are wearing the same wig or costume,if you added something into it, right?

Cosplaying can be a wonderful or terrible experience.
Yes, it's true.
Wonderful: You nailed your character very well, you gave it your all, you hard work and saving allowances paid off.
Terrible: Ashamed yourself on the stage, terrible make up, etc.

It's the way you carry yourself and the character, it doesn't mean that if you lost, it's the end. There are alot of cons out there, don't just stick to one and pout about it.

Do it for your own happiness.
Hey, in short, Why do you do cosplay? Because you love it, because you admire other cosplayers, because it's WHAT you want.

Be Active in Forums, clans, Etc.
Being active on those things can lead you to new friendships and new announcements on the upcoming cons and the what's hot and not on the anime con worls.

Socialize,Don't be a Shrug in and out of the stage.
You might be the best cosplayer in the whole event, but if you don't socialize, how can the audience remember your face and share to their forums how "Sugoi" you are. Be a friendly person, even if your character isn't. It'll leave an impact on them.

You don't own the character, be considerate.
Even if there are alot of cosplayers, cosplay the same character as you, don't shrug them away, you are not the star of the show (maybe in the stage) but treat other cosplayers fair. Everybody on the event will be upset on you. Anime cons are meant to have fun and enjoy yourself.AND the manga artist is the owner of that character, you are just the same as them, a fan.

Make the most of it.
COsplaying on stage takes about 1 min or 3 mins, that is the only chance you can get on the months you have been preparing for the event. do your best, don't let your guard down.Be ready for accidents or something gone wrong.

Take note.
When your on stage.
Stage presence-Let your soul be there. Be alive and do the best in there.
Goals-Determine your goals, on why did you choose that character, why did you do cosplay..
Learn the beats-Cosplaying these years come with music. Your music should be toned with your character, Learn the harmony of the song and think if some choreography you can add on your cosplaying.
Confidence-WITHOUT IT, your cosplaying is NOTHING.
Respect the time element- As i said, there is only a limited time for each cosplayer, make the most out of it.
Impress the Judges-Look into the Judges' eyes, make an eye contact with them frequently, Let this eye contacting tell them that you want to win, leave them a positive impression on you.

This is some of the excellent tips they gave us. There are also questions about Hair coloring, products, cuts,applying make-ups and alot. This might be the first seminar of the sem, it seems like that seminars will be getting better and will help fellow Genshis and their friends realize what they want. It might ended late, but we learned alot, to those you are doing cosplay and to those who didn't.

!For more Info you can check out our main site. The link is in the side bar. ^0^
For Questions,Comments, Leave a comment here :D

*All rights reserve to the Genshiken DLSU-D,to the author and the people who made this seminar possible
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05 February 2008 @ 03:21 am
if you read this, it means that you can read my blogs.
Right now it's really personal.
So, I guess you can read it.

30 November 2007 @ 01:28 pm
it's been days since I've posted any entry, and still no banner >.>"
it's okay marga-chan, you can not do mine, I'll do it myself.

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